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When only the best slicing will do...

Have you ever been enTraped?

Introducing enTrap, a unique shirt to stimulate the senses. The wearable art known as enTrap, being seen within the rock and underground circles, has been around for years. The few artists who created trap shirts in the 80's and 90's saw great demand. Needing steady hand, time, and lots of razor blades, trap shirts are often hard to find. Now you can own one yourself! For a limited time, trappers in our community are offering their time so that the general public will have a chance to own a trap shirt. Don't miss out!

Excellent for stage appeal!

Simply offering an original array of wearable products, we strive to fulfill the wants of those who enjoy life.

Be on the lookout

New items are being introduced to our catalog were sure you'll love.

Step 1
All trap shirts start with your own shirt that you pick out and send off to be cut. Please when selecting a shirt, be sure it is a COTTON T-SHIRT! Other shirts will not have the desired effect and will not have the durability of a common t-shirt. Be sure your shirt is new or in clean and good condition.

Step 2
Each trap shirt is an individual work of art and the slicing pattern will differ. The patterns will be laid out in the best way suited to your shirt. The more creative your selection, the better your shirt will suit you. Also you may include, if you wish, a brief description of yourself and how you may like the shirt to look or send a picture of yourself so our art department can determine a good look for you.

Step 3
Each trap shirt takes many hours to create, and therefore cost $250.00 per shirt which includes shipping fee. Payment can be received in the form of a check or money order made out to "Vincent Leverenz" to be sent along with your shirt or shirts.

Step 4
Mail your shirt and payment to:
Vincent Leverenz
318 Windrush Blvd.
Suite 9
Indian Rocks Beach, Fl. 33785
Any questions call my message box:
(727) 804-8606

Step 5
As soon as your package arrives we will immediately begin to expedite your order. When payment of your order is received your order will be shipped insured mail to you.

Hope you dig!


Just pick the clean or new T-SHIRT of your choice and be ready to send it to a world beyond. Your friends will know you were there too when they see you have proof in the form of the wildest shirt you will ever own.

These hand made shirts are created individually, just for you.

Ordering is easy and commissions are always being accepted. Simply follow directions below.


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